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alcohol-based blend combining a tincture of cleavers, feverfew, california poppy, lemon balm, and yarrow with a borage flower essence.

this blend was designed for support when things feel heavy, bloated, inflamed, foggy, and/or overheated. being flower-heavy, this tincture could also be used in work with the aetheric realm, divination, boundaries, and communication with spirit.

cleavers, ruled by the moon, is an industrious little plant helpful in eliminating excess fluid, counteracting inflammation, and stimulating bladder and kidney function. it cools and brings down swelling, heat, and bloating.

yarrow has been a favorite of herbalists since at least the first century a.d. it contains aspirin derivatives and acts as a calming astringent in this blend, particularly helpful for digestive issues, cold symptoms, fever, and cramps. similarly, feverfew is a common headache remedy, and can help with relief from nervousness and muscle pain with bitter floral energy.

rounding out the blend, california poppy is a powerful anxiety helper, especially coupled with soothing lemon balm and grief-relieving, heart-healing borage flower essence.

choose a 1 oz or 2 oz bottle and select the tier that you are able to afford at this time (see bottom of this page for more information on tiered pricing).

in the notes section at checkout, let me know your desired tincture charm: cat, wolf, fairy, or angel.

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