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alcohol-based tincture combining echinacea, mullein, reishi, nettle, tulsi, catnip, and milky oat.

this is a really powerful adaptogenic blend for moving into autumn’s cold and flu season; it also supports mood shifts and seasonal allergies that kick up around this time.

echinacea is an amazing herbal antibiotic that cleanses blood and lymph systems, catalyzes the action of white blood cells, and stimulates the body’s immune system against all infections. its immunity-building properties are strengthened with reishi mushroom, an adaptogen known as the “mushroom of immortality” in china.

for lung and sinus issues, mullein acts as an anti-inflammatory astringent, expectorant for cough, and throat-coating soother. mullein can help address allergy and asthma symptoms by dispelling congestion from lung passages, cleansing the bronchii and lymphatics. ruled by saturn, mullein was used historically to create protective amulets and tapers, and it’s known as a plant that guarded ulysses from circe. complimenting mullein, nettle is a nutritive astringent tonic that also addresses seasonal allergies and asthma.

tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a traditional ayurvedic adaptogen revered throughout india for thousands of years. ayurvedic texts describe tulsi as a pillar of holistic medicine and a goddess incarnated in plant form. it has an affinity for the respiratory system and supports stress reduction. it’s often found in blends for common cold, asthma, and allergy symptoms.

as days get colder and shorter, catnip can provide some soothing nerve relief while also acting as a digestive aid. milky oat is a strong ally for those living with depression and grief; catnip and milky oat work together in this blend to alleviate anxiety and lighten mood.

price is for a large, four ounce bottle. this is the biggest size i have on offer and, if stored properly, it will last you through many cold and flu seasons (tinctures can last ten years or more if stored in a cool, dark location, like a cupboard)!

select the tier that you are able to afford at this time. in the notes section at checkout, let me know your desired tincture charm: cat, wolf, fairy, or angel.

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