viriditas: season share

each season, i will create a large plant medicine package of items that reflect on seasonal themes, astrology, alchemy, current events, thoughts and feelings from subscribers, etc.

the term viriditas was coined by hildegard of bingen to symbolize spiritual and physical health, often as a reflection of divine nature.

this package will come with four full-sized tinctures, a salve, a new formulation of loose leaf herbal tea, a 15 ml flower essence, and an extended zine of plant lore, usage, recipes, spells, poems, etc., as well as access to a suggested meditation/writing prompt, youtube playlist, and reading list. all offerings will be new for the season, targeted toward the needs/desires each season brings, using locally sourced plants. the season share may include special previews or previously unreleased medicines.

the total value of each package is approximately $150. the season share is also an option for monthly subscribers who want to try out other medicines they haven’t received in their packages that season.

discounts detailed below.

one season — $88.88
two seasons — $158.88 (11% off)
three seasons — $228.88 (15% off)
one year — $288.88 (20% off)

starting winter 2020. the first box will ship out in early december, projected to arrive in time for holiday celebrations. shipping is $4 for the first season that you purchase; if you purchase more than one season at once, subsequent seasons will ship free. you will be emailed a survey to place medicine requests and share your thoughts and desires for the season prior to receiving your package.

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