custom flower essence

flower essences are completely safe vibrational potions created in ritual. plants, sounds, stones, light, textures, and environments all factor into the story of an essence. they are designed for use in meditative and somatic practices for enhanced connection to your emotional body and your surroundings.

when you order a custom essence, it will arrive in a 1 oz bottle with a letter all about the formula. via email you will receive a suggested meditation, reading list, or youtube playlist.

to purchase, select your preservative and answer the following in your check-out note. responses will be kept private.

—  what blocks and/or patterns are you working through currently?
— how would you like this essence to support your emotional healing and the healing of your environment? be as clear as possible in your intentions and goals for the essence.
— would you like any additional flavorings added (honey, rose water, orange blossom water)? — your preference between a meditation, reading list, or youtube playlist.
— your desired tincture charm: cat, wolf, fairy, or angel.
— any other notes, questions, etc.

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