daphne plant poetics
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breathing room
discounted offering for respiratory health and immunity-building

nettle, mullein, marshmallow root, tulsi, catnip, ginger root, turmeric root, and echinacea. preserved in apple cider vinegar and honey.

adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory. opens the bronchial passages and sinuses, nutritive, builds immunity, warming. this is a strong ally. incorporate this into your existing practices to stay safe and healthy through winter.

this is an offering for community support right now ~ i am not profiting from the sale of this blend. i want this to be a continued offering through fall, winter, the “second wave” of covid, the election, all of that... if you want to help me buy more bottles, vinegar, plant materials, labels, etc. please leave a tip here (not required/expected however) !

image from label is from the documentary “clotheslines” (1981) by roberta cantow.