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alcohol-based tincture containing mugwort, violet leaf and flower, catnip, yarrow, and california poppy.

in medieval scotland, a rhyme went something like:

if they’d drink nettles in march, and eat mugwort in may
so many fine maidens
wouldn’t go to the clay.

the legend illustrates a long-held belief that mugwort contains life-prolonging tonic qualities. it’s bitter, aromatic, and aphrodisiac, with mild narcotic effects. it comes from the genus artemesia, named after artemis, goddess of the wilderness. mugwort was once worn in midsummer for protection, and burned to release misfortune. traditionally, mugwort is also associated with the underworld and divination. a tea of mugwort leaves is used for scrying.

mugwort is an incredibly strong dreaming tool, enhancing vividness of dreams and dream recall. it can be used for clearer intuitive “sight” and protection/clearing. this tincture also includes the sedative and tension-relieving herbs california poppy and catnip, so it could be used to welcome lucid dreams.

yarrow also has a long history of mystical and protective use; the stalks were used for divining the I Ching, and it was commonly used in amulets and love charms in the 16th - 18th centuries, particularly around midsummer. hildegard von bingen recommended yarrow as an astringent to assist with inflammation after bouts of crying. it’s a calmative plant, promoting clarity and perception, making it a helpful guide for entering the subconscious realm.

violets, harbingers of spring, are some of the oldest and most humble medicines that exist. named after the princess io from greek mythos, poets have often associated violets with love, death, and innocence. it’s a watery flower, the scent of which is thought to bring about sleep and gentle, lush dreams.

mugwort, violet, catnip, and yarrow are all venusian plants, while poppy is ruled by the moon, making for a cooling, sense-driven blend perfect for nighttime. this is a strong-tasting medicine if taken alone. try 10-15 drops in a glass of water or tea before bed.

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