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blend of a rose tincture, lemon balm and violet oxymel, and flower essences of calendula, sweet pea, and borage. contains alcohol, rose water, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

this combination of flowers and delicate leaves is a gesture of kindness to your whole system. it comes in a pretty dark red bottle.

here in oregon, fossilized remains of roses have been found dating back 35 million years. rose has been revered since ancient times. they’ve left their mark on folklore and mythology in nearly every region of the world. there are many stories about the origin of roses—that they were born of the tears of mohammad, that they mark the birth of venus, that rose thorns appeared after the coming of adam and eve. roses have been connected to love magic and divination, death, and funerary rituals, and rose thorns are thought to be powerful protectors. the flower also make soft but mighty medicine. in this formula, i have added rose as a cooling anti-inflammatory, as heart support, and as a protective ally against depression and feelings of isolation.

lemon balm leaf is a gentle tension reliever. lemon balm was also found to be a useful aphrodisiac in a scientific study based on traditional persian medicine. a sweet combination when paired with venusian, sense-heightening violet flowers. violets were once given as prizes to french troubadour poets, and their soft presence can be heart-lifting. resilient calendula essence offers compassion, warmth, and receptivity, while the essence of cool, purple-blue borage grants courage, soothing foggy discouragement and stagnant grief.

i made the sweet pea essence in this blend while alone in a small field of bright wildflowers on a july day. it is a welcoming, grounding, earthy, and kind presence that brings a strong sense of place to this formula.
this blend tastes mostly like apple cider vinegar, with a hint of sweet raw honey.

price is for a 1 oz bottle. select the tier that you are able to afford at this time. in the notes section at checkout, let me know your desired tincture charm: cat, wolf, fairy, or angel.

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