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apple cider vinegar-based tincture combining gotu kola, turmeric, lemon balm, and peppermint leaf.

gotu kola is an herbaceous pennywort plant native to asian wetlands. the gotu kola in this formula is from sri lanka. it’s a bitter, cooling medicine that calms the nervous system. it’s considered the primary nerve tonic in ayurveda; fortifying memory, it’s also often used in yoga and meditation practices.

lemon balm and peppermint are both cooling plants, promoting mental clarity and relaxation of surface tension. lemon balm, revered for over 2,000 years and mentioned in homer’s odyssey, is a sweet angel plant that is gentle and calming, useful for young children. it’s the quintessential mood lifter. traditionally, an alchemical tincture of lemon balm was the first tincture an aspiring alchemist made. it is considered to be ruled by soothing, benevolent jupiter. peppermint, ruled by mercury, was cultivated by the ancient egyptians and appears in 13th century icelandic herbals. alchemically, tinctures in general are also associated with mercury, encouraging internal movement. peppermint’s nervine and circulatory-stimulating power assist with mental acuity when stress is high.

turmeric is aromatic and warming, with stimulating, mood-lifting capabilities. in ayurveda it is believed to grant prosperity and access to the divine. the combination of warming and cooling plants in this tincture intends to bring about balance and clarity. i collected the lemon balm and turmeric locally, and the peppermint leaf is from oshala farm in grants pass, oregon.

from a subtle planar perspective, given that this formula is heavy on leafy greens, it deals primarily with the observable, material plane—the ego. leaves are empowering and energizing nourishment. the formula is grounded and deepened by the turmeric root. rhizomes and roots confront (literally and figuratively) the underworld—the mineral, dense unknown. thus this medicine could prompt you to consider more surface-level situations when you need to catalyze thoughts, shift thinking patterns, or find inspiration, but it could also prompt work around ancestors or personal ghosts.

price is for a 2 oz bottle. select the tier that you are able to afford at this time.

in the notes section at checkout, let me know your desired tincture charm: cat, wolf, fairy, or angel.

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