spiral wand
soothe * heal * mend

salve of plantain, oregon grape, st. john’s wort, calendula, comfrey, and self-heal.

spiral wand is made of sunny, resilient, bioregionally plentiful plants with a range of healing properties.
plantain and oregon grape are unassuming local plants. plantain is considered one of the nine sacred herbs of the ancient saxons, but it’s also found in sidewalk cracks everywhere, and oregon grape can be found in bioswells, backyards and around bus stops all over the city. they are hardy and steadfast. plantain is an antimicrobial and mucilage-rich astringent, while oregon grape is a disinfectant containing berberine, sometimes used to treat psoriasis and excema.

radiant st. john’s wort is also astringent and antibacterial. the latin name for this herb, hypericum, derives from the greek for “holding power over spirits.” it’s fairy-gold in color and historically has been used as a protective charm. topically, it’s useful for burns, nerve healing, muscle pain and spasms, scarring, inflammation, and soreness.

the self-heal in this salve was hand-picked this summer from a farm in oregon city. it can assist with stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation, and speeding healing. bright calendula flowers, otherwise known as marigolds, are full of antiseptic, antibacterial, and astringent properties provided by their essential oils, tannins, and a yellow resin called calendulin. saturnine comfrey promotes tissue growth and was known in the middle ages as boneset or bruisewort, hinting at its value as an anti-inflammatory healer.

steeped in a combination of olive and macadamia nut oil. made with 100% beeswax and vitamin e oil.

choose a 1 oz or 2 oz container and select the tier that you are able to afford at this time (see bottom of this page for more information on tiered pricing).

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