daphne plant poetics is a practice of art and storytelling
in essence it is an artwork and a story that becomes part of the physical body.

plant medicine is a mutual aid relationship not defined exclusively by the plant’s material use.
before taking this medicine, think, how can you become the plant’s co-conspirator?
what are you asking of the plant, and what do you offer in return?
when you consider what you can offer the plant, it creates space for gnostic exchange and allyship.

you are nature. nature and wilderness is all that exists. there can be no presumed hierarchy.

in greek mythology, daphne is a naiad cursed by eros to become the unwilling subject of apollo’s infatuation. running from apollo’s advances, she is saved by her transformation into a laurel tree. "a heavy numbness seized her limbs, thin bark closed over her breast, her hair turned into leaves, her arms into branches, her feet so swift a moment ago stuck fast in slow-growing roots, her face was lost in the canopy. only her shining beauty was left."

ordering information

tiered pricing structure:
when you select a price for your tincture, “true cost” represents the actual cost of the item.
the accessible tier offers access to those who are struggling to meet their financial needs.please refer to this graphic to help determine where you fall on the sliding scale.
the supporter tier offers an opportunity for those with greater financial capacity to support others in accessing this medicine.
please choose the tier that you can most comfortably meet. if you choose a lower tier than you actually need,
you are taking away an opportunity from someone else and reducing the positive benefit and donation of proceeds.

the free Black/Indigenous payment tier is only for Black and Indigenous people. please do not select it if you do not identify as such.

you are welcome to offer more than the tiered amounts by leaving an additional tip.

this tiered structure was found through blanca villalobos’ website and is cited from renee sills’ embodied astrology.

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