l i n d s a y  c o s t e l l o  𓂅                                                                             

writer weaver naturalist

filming one hand with the other
the wetlands preservation and mapping project, with hannah althea
milky oats moments, a short film about avena sativa
nighthawk daydream, created at malheur with birdhers
what else is here?, a residency and exhibition with erika callihan
pink dogwood, an email letter

an installation for interwoven in a kiwi orchard in scotts mills, oregon
plant poetics
flying flowers, an archival nature show
experimental animation livestream
blackberry basket diary
two film essays
the first growing season, a response to kalaija mallery’s virtuous beasts
@errolheights, a diary of wetlands

super 8 diaryfilmpoems
the sea witch
art school archive