i’m a writer, artist, and naturalist in portland, oregon.

my work wraps its arms around storytelling, ethnoecology, folk practices, grief, and the void.
i try to think at the neighborhood level.
i am often inspired by walks, birdwatching, and the wetlands near my apartment.

i’m interested in how community and nature intersect in the processing of traumatic experiences.
i like to make work collaboratively, outdoors, and in good company. 
my practice has taken shape through field recordings, tinctures, newsletters, an installation on a farm and in a trailer, paintings, weavings, super 8 films, and stories.

i am the co-founder of the wetlands preservation and mapping project with hannah june althea, and one-half of the auditory landscape research lab with jeremy seith.

i studied at the oregon college of art and craft and the elderberry school.
i write about art for money and write other things for no money.
i write a recurring email letter that people seem to like.

cv, if that’s your thing!