2019 Scent and Hollow-Cast Forms, Pilchuck Glass School
2017 BFA Textiles, Oregon College of Art and Craft
2012 AA Studio Art, Valencia College

2019 half moon beach
2018 Bloomswelling
2017 So What if I'm Unfolding?

2019 Sorority Mansion
2019 Reality Hands
2019 Pom Pom
2019 What Rough Beast
2019 Rue Scribe
2018 SUSAN / The Journal
2018 Summer Field Guide, Meadow residency
2017, digital exhibition

2019 Fembot Social Club, issue 1
2019 Safe Spaces, issue 2
2019 SAND: Berlin's English Literary Journal, issue 19

2019 Flowers are Dogs Smiling, Waving, Boathouse Microcinema
2019 F*ck Film School Fest, Third Room
2017 Fulcrum, 321 NE Davis
2017 Thesis Orals Exhibit, Hoffman Gallery
2017 May Day, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
2016 Knot Happening, Centrum Gallery
2016 Fibers Juried Show, Hoffman Gallery
2016 Matrix to Multiples, SGCI Flux
2015 Myths and Legends, Atelier 6000
2015 Interwoven, OCAC

2019 Founder/Editor, soft surface
2017-18 Co-Founder/Editor, PAL
2016 Co-Curator, Knot Happening, Centrum Gallery, Portland, OR

2019 How Performance Art Leans Into the Unknown, Hyperallergic
2019 A Poetic Feast Conjures Familial Immigrant Histories, Hyperallergic
2019 Heidi Schwegler and Quayola: Plane of Scattered Pasts, thisistomorrow
2019 The Exciting Native American Film Program at This Year’s Whitney Biennial, Hyperallergic
2019 We are Shapes: Meredith Hamm at Erickson Gallery, Textile: Cloth and Culture
2019 Immaterial: An Interview with Emily Endo, 60 Inch Center
2019 Tenacious Repose: Lilian Martinez’s Contemporary Serenity at Nationale, Art Practical
2018 Francesca Capone: Think of Seashells at Nationale, 60 Inch Center
2017 In the Studio: Bukola Koiki, Duplex Gallery
2017 In the Studio: Hannah Newman, Duplex Gallery
2016 In the Studio: Melina Bishop, Duplex Gallery
2016 In the Studio: Gulsah Mursaloglu, Duplex Gallery

2019 Resident, New Words for Wings: Wide Open Studios Writing Retreat, Signal Fire
2019 Klaus Moje Scholarship
2017 Oregon Mensa Foundation scholarship
2017 American Craft Council scholarship
2016 Artist-in-Residence, PNCA Print department
2016 Jean Vollum Fibers award
2015 OCAC President's scholarship
2015 OCAC Enrollment Services scholarship
2015 OCAC Commitment to Craft scholarship

2020 Guest Critic, WAVE Collective
2019-present Research Fellow, Institute for Conceptual Studies
2019-present Critical Viewing Editor, Art and About PDX
2019-present Poetry Assistant Editor, Digging Press
2019-present Visual Arts Editor, Inklette
2017-present Scheduling & Social Media Coordinator, Portland Children's Museum
2016-17 Interviewer/Editor, Duplex Gallery
2015 Exhibition Intern, Portland Museum of Modern Art