I had been my whole life a bell and never knew it until at that moment I was lifted and struck. —Annie Dillard

Pink Dogwood is a free email letter sent every month.

It is meant to be a joyful rest and breathing space on your internet journey.

Expect a collage of research, meditations, visuals, links, and somatic prompts, informed by ethnobotany and ecology, listening, plants, weaving, and more.

Pink Dogwood has previously included a collage of sidewalk plants, YouTube recordings to help you fall asleep at night, mycological lectures, recipe for pickled cherry blossoms, bird feather specimens, experimental animations, corpse flowers, documentaries on Laotian mountain tribes and Derek Jarman and ikebana, West African and Japanese folk music, Sumerian hymns, ephemeral gardening, animal habitats and fauna-inspired meditations, children’s haiku, the scala naturae, psychogeography, feelings without names, Shaker art, environmental musical synesthesia and sonic mysteries, soothing videos of fawns and deserts, Inuit art, extinct fruits, swimming pools, dancing owls, ochazuke, hammered dulcimer, and cowboy poets.

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