flying flowers was an instagram livestream show of poetry and archival footage of experimental animation
aired via instagram live (@lindsay.costello) on friday nights in summer 2020.  the footage was also uploaded
to my profile afterward, so you can still watch the full archive of episodes.

in 2021, flying flowers season two became an archival nature show hosted on youtube.

available to view:
episode one: soviet animated shorts
episode two: national film board of canada
episode three: prisms and light
episode four: internal voice
episode five: anthropomorphism and life cycles
episode six: psychedelia and subverted interiors
episode seven: surrealist shorts
episode eight: inuit storytelling
episode nine: dream realms and life after death
episode ten: flora and fauna
episode eleven: labor and freedom
episode twelve: memory
episode thirteen: tribute to evelyn lambart
episode fourteen: estonian surreal storytelling
episode fifteen: iranian love stories
episode sixteen: subtle evolutions
episode seventeen: soviet social commentary
episode eighteen: favorites, pt 1 (youthful fantasy)
episode nineteen: favorites, pt. 2 (strange tales)
episode twenty: favorites, pt. 3 (mythic realms)