pink dogwood is an occasional newsletter.

things included in pink dogwood:::>>>
somatic prompts, recipes using sidewalk plants, poems, links to weird websites,
youtube ballet recordings to help you fall asleep at night, notes about the moon,
pictures of and articles about animals, thoughts about books and art, playlists,
videos i take around my apartment, process images of projects i'm working on,
links to ethnographic studies, magical inquiries and rituals and divination stuff,
suggestions for making, probably other things

you can sign up here. you can access the archive of letters below:

letter one: permission, april 28, 2020
letter two: sleep, may 12, 2020
letter three: spirits, may 26, 2020
letter four: turning, july 4, 2020
letter five: visions, july 27, 2020
letter six: kindred, august 23, 2020
letter seven: companions, march 28, 2021
letter eight: lights, june 12, 2021
letter nine: assembly, september 5, 2021